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As a result, numerous discount DVDs of these episodes have been released, although with generic bluegrass -like theme music instead of the familiar opening and closing music, which is still under copyright. How does your hearing compare to everyone else? Starting with Season 4 , Sale's Selma was replaced by Allman. Pope gives those in square a gift, jokes: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. In her memoirs, Claudia writes: Jurisdiction over a person relates to the authority to try him or her as a defendant.

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In January , it was announced that Benaderet's treatment was successful, and she returned for the fifth-season finale "Kate's Homecoming" that aired on March 30, Benaderet's performance showed the effects of her cancer treatment, as she appeared noticeably thinner and weaker. However, by the time Benaderet filmed the first three episodes of season six, her cancer was found to have returned. The third episode, "Only A Husband", was her final physical appearance on the show, in which she shared a brief scene with Mike Minor and was conspicuously absent from the other scenes that were written for her.

Linda Kaye Henning recalled in In this episode, titled "The Valley Has a Baby", Benaderet provided only her voice for scenes of Betty Jo and Steve reading a letter from Kate; her speaking to Cannonball engineer Wendell Gibbs over the phone and using the handcar with him to get to the hospital; and her presence at Betty Jo's bedside after the baby's arrival.

The latter segments featured Benaderet's stand-in, actress Edna Laird, portraying Kate with her back to the camera. The episode additionally featured three short flashbacks of Kate from season five: The episode aired just 13 days after Benaderet's death on October 13, Benaderet was quite popular with viewers, and her fan mail increased during her illness as she received many get-well cards and letters from fans. As a result, the absence of her character had to be handled delicately.

In the s and '60s, it was almost unheard of for a main character on a television show to die, particularly on a situation comedy. The producers and CBS decided to continue the show, and Kate Bradley continued to be referred to as being "out of town. Referring to the hotel, the opening theme lyrics were changed from "It is run by Kate, come and be her guest" to "It is run by Joe, come and be his guest".

Although Petticoat Junction was still beloved by fans, the central premise of a country family was lost without a motherly figure. The long absence of Kate was only mentioned once in passing during the final two seasons. Steve has paternal qualms about his daughter's safety, to which Billie Jo and Bobbie Jo wistfully reply: And in the same old water tower, too.

Choosing not to recast the Kate Bradley role, or to sign Rosemary DeCamp on full-time she was also playing the mother of Marlo Thomas on That Girl , the producers introduced the new character of Dr. Lockhart's character was essentially brought on as a surrogate mother figure to fill the void left by the death of Bea Benaderet, and takes up a medical practice at the hotel and also serves as a counsel of sorts for the girls.

The cast was described as "most welcoming" to Lockhart as the newcomer during a difficult time. The show's theme song lyrics were slightly altered to accommodate the change in cast. In season six, the show failed to make the ratings top With the sitcom's future hanging in the balance, CBS considered cancelling the show in the spring of The season-six finale "Tune In Next Year" was meant to be the series finale.

Janet Craig receives a good job offer in another city and decides to accept it. However, at the end of the episode, Dr. Craig decides to stay when Steve and Betty Jo announce that they are going to have another baby. At the last minute, CBS decided to renew the series for a seventh season. The main reason for the renewal was that it would give the series five full years of color episodes for syndication, which would be very profitable for the network.

When the show returned for its seventh and final season in September , two major plotline changes were made. The storyline involving Betty Jo's new pregnancy was dropped and never referred to again.

The second change is the addition of bumbling, but well-meaning, game warden Orrin Pike played by actor Jonathan Daly , who becomes Bobbie Jo's boyfriend, much to the annoyance of Uncle Joe. In the spring of , despite somewhat improving ratings, Petticoat Junction was cancelled as a precursor to the infamous CBS rural purge of the early s, when all rural-themed shows were cancelled.

The series officially ended its primetime run on Saturday, September 12, , at 9: Petticoat Junction did not have a series finale. However, "Last Train to Pixley", the fourth-to-last episode to air, is in some ways like a series finale. The residents of the Shady Rest Hotel and Sam Drucker all take a ride on the Cannonball and recall with flashbacks such treasured memories as fishing from the train, a very pregnant Betty Jo driving the train when she is about to give birth, and the Christmas-time Cannonball decorated with lights.

Petticoat Junction was the only one of Paul Henning's country trio not to return in an updated reunion movie. A Thanksgiving Reunion , but the project never came to fruition. Henning played a secretary named Linda, and Lane played Chief. Petticoat Junction is set in the same fictional universe as Green Acres. Characters in all of Henning's creations often crossed over into one another's programs, especially during the first two seasons of Green Acres.

During Petticoat's run from to up until Kate Bradley's last few appearances at the beginning of season six , and with the exception of Green Acres , not once was there ever a connection to The Beverly Hillbillies even though Bea Benaderet had played Cousin Pearl Bodine during the latter's first season.

Prior to her visit, she reminds Jed that he is related to Kate through Pearl and then later when she arrives at the Shady Rest she mistakes Uncle Joe for Kate and says "They's right about you Kate, you and Cousin Pearl are lookalikes.

Drysdale, who mistakenly believes billionaire Howard Hughes lives in Hooterville. The following is a list of Petticoat Junction episodes featuring characters from Green Acres. Only those that debuted on Acres before Junction are counted.

Curt Massey sang the Petticoat Junction theme song. The song was composed by Massey and Paul Henning. Flatt and Scruggs recorded a version of the song "Petticoat Junction". Its distribution has changed hands over the years due to corporate changes involving Viacom , which in split into two separate companies. The color —70 episodes were shown in syndication for many years after the show's cancellation. However, the rights to the black-and-white —65 episodes were not resolved, and they were not included in the syndication package until the Me-TV Network began broadcasting the black-and-white —65 episodes on Tuesday, July 12, The airings of the black-and-white episodes airings were short lived, and on Thursday, July 21, , Me-TV started airing the color episodes once again.

Me-TV began to air the first two black-and-white seasons of the show again on November 4, The show has rotated on and off of the Me-TV schedule in various time slots. On March 12, Decades TV Network and on April 23, Punch TV Studios began broadcasting the black-and-white episodes, both networks are continuing through with the color episodes.

The color episodes have run constantly, with the show running on TV Land from to The black-and-white episodes from season one are now in the public domain , their copyrights having lapsed. As a result, numerous discount DVDs of these episodes have been released, although with generic bluegrass -like theme music instead of the familiar opening and closing music, which is still under copyright.

This release features the first 20 episodes of the series, excluding the Christmas episode. On December 16, CBS Home Entertainment distributed by Paramount released the Complete First Season on DVD, with new interviews with cast members, commercials from the original broadcasts, and the original opening and closing theme song.

The Complete Second Season was released on July 7, , concluding the black-and-white episodes of the series. Beginning with the third season, the show switched to color for the remainder of the series. It, too, contained the original theme song, as well as introductions and an interview from two cast members.

There was an amusement park in Panama City Beach, Florida named "Petticoat Junction Amusement Park", which opened in the same year that the show first aired and closed in , 14 years after the show ended.

According to author Tim Hollis , the park's owners the Churchwell family , were friends with Edgar Buchanan. He talked to Paul Henning, who okayed the park being named after the show. Although the park is closed, the locomotives and train cars from its railroad attraction survived. They were bought at auction by the late Fred H. In Claudia and J. Since the restaurant was next to a working railroad line, the customers nicknamed it "Petticoat Junction", and the name was made official.

Specialties at the Petticoat Junction Cafeteria included chicken fried steak and homemade coconut cream pies. The real-life Petticoat Junction was like the fictional show. In her memoirs, Claudia writes: They would stop and eat with us and we looked forward to the once a day run. Claudia set up makeshift bedrooms for the workers and called it the "Shady Rest Hotel". More permanent lodgings were soon added.

Claudia's daughter Ann recalled: In the town of Woodstock, NY, is a hamlet called Shady ; a rooming house operating there since is called "The Shady Rest Townhouse", as an homage to the hotel in Petticoat Junction. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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The New York Times. Retrieved September 8, Hooterville's riot girl Beatles", Dangerousminds. Nostalgia Digest 40 1: The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio p. Retrieved June 24, Retrieved May 15, Ultimate Christmas Collection, The".

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