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John Larroquette Bob Webber. Retrieved 8 January I will go at Rijeka] in Albanian. Sonic the Hedgehog handheld video games. Meanwhile, Green Arrow leads the team into battle against " The Dragon ", a villain who is stealing valuable tech in Star City. Retrieved 26 June

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The poll was created at Who are your favorite Gal Pals? You Might Also Like Retrieved from " http: Farm is called Little Geniuses? Farm is called Section Genius? Farm got picked up for a second season on November 30, ? Maya first noticed Lucas on the subway and had a "relationship" with him for less than a minute. It was later revealed that Lucas is in the same history class with her. Is there a fourth series? If so will it be put on Netflix? Or is there only three seasons?

Visit the poll archives to view previous polls. Refresh for another recommendation. Want your community included? However, this might as well have been pretended, as the one time they really worked together as a team, they lost the race.

In the end, Amy was not sorry for Vector for having to return home broke, stating he should be happy for having had the chance to race with two cuties. Despite their differences, Amy and Vector seem to hold some respect for each other. Just like with Amy , Cream the Rabbit and Vector first met when getting into a fight in Lost Jungle, but unlike with her pink friend, Vector and Cream did not throw insults at each other thanks to the rabbit's good demeanor even in the most intense situations.

The two generally seemed to get along with each other well, as Vector treated her more respectfully than Amy and likewise, Cream actually showed sympathy for him, being sad when it turned out Vector had worked for nothing. However, Cream was frustrated about her team mates' constant arguments, knowing her mother and Cheese were both watching them, and also was a bit annoyed at him day dreaming about the cash prize and often reminding her how they would split it.

Just like with Amy, Vector was irritated by Cream's naivity, as due to her age, she did not understand Vector's figures of speech and was upset when she believed he did not take the competition seriously. Vector and Rouge the Bat first met in Sonic Heroes during a big misunderstanding. Rouge believed Team Chaotix were after Eggman 's secret treasure and attacked them as she wanted to have it for herself, while Vector only wondered who the broad was shouting at them, but decided to give her a fight if she wanted one.

Rouge later doubted her actions, and they eventually worked together to fight Metal Madness. Rouge and Vector have a common interest in everything valuable. When facing Rouge in the finale, Vector tried to reach through to her by saying while he could empathize in wanting the prize money badly, it would not be worth sacrificing her own team mate for it.

However, Rouge brushed him off, not understanding why he, Amy and Cream would get worked up so much over a machine. It was hinted she hired Vector to collect one for her in Rooftop Run , because as soon as Sonic collected all of them in the stage, Vector worried about getting into trouble with her.

After being kidnapped by Dr. In the present day though, Vector and Knuckles do not interact much, making their relationship unclear. Regardless, Vector gave advice to Knuckles when Team Super Sonic was fighting Metal Overlord , apparently acknowledging his great power. In Sonic Free Riders , Knuckles felt underwhelmed having to race against Vector and the rest of Team Rose , treating them like a joke as he was irritated by their loud behavior.

Although Vector managed to defeat Knuckles one time, the echidna still said he would not get far with brute force, enraging the crocodile. Vector was a high-ranking member of the Resistance in Sonic Forces , acting under Knuckles as the commander. He unsurprisingly appreciated the echidna for his aggressive yet sometimes short-sighted generalship [18] considering Vector's own liking of non-peaceful methods. In Knuckles' Chaotix , Dr. Strangely, it is indicated they have not known each other prior to Sonic Heroes , [19] which may be a result of Vector, Espio and Charmy being rebooted for the game.

In Sonic Heroes , Eggman somehow sent a walkie-talkie to the Chaotix Detective Agency after being locked up by Metal Sonic, claiming he heard good things about them and persuaded Vector to work for him by promising a great reward. Despite facing their client's supposed adversary, "Dr.

Eggman" , many times during their mission, Vector soon figured out they were hired by the real Eggman but decided to help him anyway, holding on to his promise to pay them handsomely. When it turned out Eggman was unable to pay them, however, Vector at last had enough of his lies and Team Chaotix beat him up.

After helping the others fight Metal Madness , the trio caught Eggman trying to sneak away and chased after him, though it is unlikely they ever got their reward.

As a result, Vector loathes Eggman and prefers not having to deal with him, [7] but often gets pulled near his presence due to the Chaotix's investigations. Despite flattering them in Sonic Heroes , Eggman does not have a good opinion about Vector, because when the detectives escaped their holding place in Sonic Runners , Eggman planted some information to prepare a trap, knowing "those idiots" would pass it on to Sonic.

In Sonic Forces , Vector got to know the Avatar , most often referred to as "the Rookie", when they joined the Resistance. Vector initially did not hold the Rookie in high regard: However, Vector's tone changed after cooperating in an evacuation mission in Park Avenue. While initially worried the Death Egg Robots might be too much for the Rookie to handle, Espio and Charmy soon commented at the Rookie's skills, leaving Vector somewhat astounded.

During later operations, Vector was a lot more supportive and had full confidence in the Rookie's abilities. In the end, Vector admitted he was not sure of the Rookie at first, but had changed his mind about that. Sign In Don't have an account?

Contents [ show ]. Sega 3 July Sega 9 September Guess he's a real talented detective after all, huh? The kids only dealt in candy, but I took their jobs anyway! Vector would never pass up a job, or a stick of bubblegum! Icepeak Vector the Crocodile: Metropolis Speedway Vector the Crocodile: And maybe Small Louie, too Final Factory Vector the Crocodile: Sega's Yuji Naka Talks! Retrieved on 1 May The Sonic Stadium 5 November Youtube 13 April Retrieved on 25 August The Fantasy Factory Youtube 9 January Retrieved on 2 January Retrieved on 19 March Vector may speak in a rough tone and he may not sweat the details, but uses his powers of deduction to solve any case with dignity and respect.

Vector is a true leader with dreams of becoming rich, but is perpetually broke since he often takes jobs that help people but don't pay. Egg Albatross Vector the Crocodile: You know, oddly enough, I've had the same strange feeling about our client's real identity.

Vector the Crocodile