Left arm tingling and dizziness

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I don't like medication and don't want medication. I just want the pain to go away. It is effecting my school work, my sleep, and my daily activities. Also, I probably should have read everyone's comments before I wrote.

But I was anxious to get my voice out. I take B regularly. And I've had "blind" spots in my eye, but I always thought it was from use of makeup, even when I didn't wear makeup.

I've checked to see if it's eye dirt, but nothing. I think it's just from the make up and messing with my eyes. I don't wear contacts or anything like that. And I had two instances in my life where I've passed out. After that I went immediately to the hospital and got put on Ambian. It doesn't work I've been on a few different sleep meds. So I stopped taking it. And even when I did take it, I took it only 3 times; every other day since that I was told. I couldn't sleep when I took it.

I have been having the same symptoms the tingiling on my fingers the numness on my arm and the chest pain that goes to the back, if any af you has an anser PLEASE! Right now i'm typing and my fingers are in a slight pain, like it comes and goes. I cannot believe I googled my symptoms and this message board came up I have had the left arm tingling and numbing of the fingers, my upper arm feels like its always cold and wet also when I am experiencing everything.

I constantly feel light headed and dizzy, with occasional nausea. I have had metabolic tests done on my blood and everything came back great..

I visit the chiropractor all the time and I am currently on a waiting list for an MRI. I have 5 kids at home and a hubby that works out of town, and it gets very frustrating and scary to think if something happened and he wasn't around to help me.

If anyone finds out anything new with their symptoms, please let me know, thanks. Just after I finished the glass my left arm feel asleep. It has felt that way for a couple hours now. It feels like the source is around my inner elbow. I don't feel dizzy or anthing else, but this is strange. It is that uncomfortable tingly feeling like when you hit your funny bone.

I have been having numbness and tingling in my left arm and hand. I am menopausing and I am afraid that it could be a heart attack. My arm actually hurts. Also, I seem to have intergestion and a burning sensation in my chest. It hurts so bad. I am experiencing similar symptoms and completely freaked out. I had my 2nd child July and my symptoms started in Jan I thought it was from being so tired. My symptoms mostly are numbness and tingling in LEFT arm and fingers. Also, my left side of my face feels numb when I am stressed and tingles too.

Today it is a bad day so I came to the internet. Mostly my pinky and left ring finger are tingling today. My sleeping has been terrible for months. My neck has hurt a little bit too. I have read so many of you share about the same symptoms I have suffered with for over 15 years. I spent 15 years going to the doctor for help and was told it was migraines but none of the medications helped. I had CT scans and nothing was found.

I have a condition called Chiari I Malformation. If any of you are still reading this board and looking for answers please research this condition and if you think it might apply to you I suggest you seek help for testing from your physician. I experience numbness in my upper left arm.

It started several years ago with a mild tingling feeling. My doctor diagosed it as tendonitis. I play softball but I'm right handed.

The numbness is really showing it's ugly face these past three weeks. I do not get any headaches. As a matter of fact is rare when I do get a headache. I don't know if it is coincidental or not but I got a flu shot three weeks ago. Ever since then I've been experiencing the numbness three times more then before. I also have a knot in my upper back near my neck, adjacent to my shoulder blade. This could be causing it but I'm not too sure.

I have a lot of anxiety issues as well. I'm 44 years old and had my first anxiety attack at the age of I lived with palpitations for 20 years and started to get panic attacks approximately four years ago when I would get stressed. They put me on an antidepressant along with anti anxiety medication. I tried to wean myself off the antidepressant and was unsuccessful. Four months later the anxiety and panic attacks were back at full rage. I wanted to post this in case there is anyone else out there with the same symptoms.

It eases me a bit after reading so many people are in the same boat as me. I have migraine since 20 years ago, also diagnosed to have spine problems, neck problems, lack of vitamin B seems that they are all in a package.

I have not been taking my vitamins consistently and stopped my gym. The really didn't do much to acheive this diagnosis, in my opinion. Now I accepted it at first but now I notice that when I bend my neck I can feel it in my thighs so I'm wondering if it's a pinched nerve. I think I will try a chiropractor. Anyone else have symptoms like this? It's been almost 20 month now that my problems started. It began with a bit of a "funny head" and numbness down my left arm and outside two fingers - after a trip to ED, series of bloods, ECG, MRI and four months of physio - nothing had changed Then seven months down the track I got tingling in both hands and feet - which continue all day every day.

Nights are the worst, and if I wear high-heels or closed in shoes, my toes go numb! I've had a cat scan, two MRI's seen a neuro three times and had countless blood tests but still no answers - all tests have come back "normal". My first Dr told me to see a relaxation therapist!! These days I'm seeing a new doctor - the dizziness is worse, and I often feel nauseus, have a pounding and racing heart and all this on top of tingling hands and feet.

I requested another MRI lower down my back to see if this finds anythign - but am almost at my wits end! Hello All, The symptoms talked about here regarding left arm issues I have had myself. It is most likely hypertension.

Anxiety can effect the body and nerves in such away as to make you think your dying, even for weeks on end. And this feeling feeds the anxiety. Bad cycle and you need to break it.

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