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These handles bring to the user better stretching options and assistance. With 10 different modes, you can relieve neck pain and stress with this cushion. To be truthful, this one gives a great experience for us when we spent hours sitting at our desk in the office. The Innova ITX is amazing considering the price that you have to pay — which is way lesser than the other inversion tables on this list.

While one might think that the price can be indicative of perhaps low manufacturing quality or materials, that is definitely not the case here. Do not let that fool you! Based on its affordability as well as brilliant features, it has earned its right to the second place on our list. Now, ask yourself this question — what is the point of weighing lbs if the inversion table was never designed for the shape?

This table is truly made for inversion as it hits all those important points in an inversion table any users need. Instead of straps, the Innova ITX uses a pin to lock down 5-choices of inversion range. This makes it easier in measuring how far you need to go. Just make sure you locked the pin properly and know how far you can currently go.

No need to go up from the table because the pin would be literally just beside you. The reason for the name is due to the equipping of the inversion table with ankle cups that secure the legs without any discomfort or pressure. The ankle cups let you invert comfortably and feel completely safe due to the presence of the pin and protective gear that are safer than straps.

Delving more into the comfort and safety of the table, at first glance you might think that the manufacturer might have forgone certain things in a bid to keep the selling price low, but they definitely did not.

The steel of the inversion table feels sturdy and firm and the backrest is definitely comfy. It does not feel wobbly and the ankle rest is padded for more comfort.

The handles are also made of foam that makes it easier to grip. Its backrest is filled with memory foam. For those not aware of the benefits of memory foam, it is one of the mattresses recommended for spinal support and to aid in relieving pressure on the back. It lets the body sink into place and secures the backbone. It also comes with a lumbar that is removable for better back muscle traction.

Aside from that, the inversion table also has longer handles. Several 'accidents' with inversion tables are often due to the fact that the inversion tables cannot revert back to their original position after use.

Although this may be due in part to the users not reading or understanding the proper instructions for it. The presence of the long handle helps prevent that from happening to you and we do find this very useful. It makes you feel 'safer'.

The table is very firm. The base is covered in rubber stabilizers that is skid-proof, making sure that the table does not move just when you are about to go inverted.

If you notice, the table is also wider than others to ensure enough space for people of vast weight to still enjoy it. Ankle lock is easy, safe, and comfortable.

With 'palm reach' ankle securing system, you do not need to adjust anything right there. Just put your legs and pull the ratchet till it locks on your legs.

Another product from Teeter. The Teeter EP Ltd. If you want the best, then this product is definitely the best in the Inversion Table market in terms of quality and features. Now, we know the question from most of our readers would be along the line of so why are the ranked differently? We will help you see the difference and how this is better and not better to the aforementioned.

There is the extended ankle lock handle to reduce bending. It seems that Teeter noticed the problem with some back-pain sufferers who could not bend but had to when they use this table.

That is pretty contradictory and the product Teeter EP Ltd. Apart from the extended ankle lock handle, there is also the presence of Ergo-Embrace Supports that are one of the best ankle support clamp for comfort. They evenly distribute the weight of the user around the feet and ankles and encourage a relaxing experience for the user.

It is also geared with better precision for rotation control. Lifting your arms will move it backward and lifting it back will help the table to go back to an upright position. This makes it easy to control the rotation of the table and prevent you from being stuck in the chosen inversion position.

Of course, it is important that you also lock the hinge according to the instructions. Other great features that make the Teeter EP Ltd. When the nodes touch the tensed-up spots on your back, instant release of tension occurs. Traction is also enhanced with the presence of the Lumbar Bridge so regardless of your level of inversion, there is still a great stretching experience. Like the Teeter EP with Back pain Relief Kit, this inversion table also has a lot of patented features, such as ankle locks, cam locks, and specialized pivot bearings.

All these go to improve the security and safety of the table as well as comfort of the users. Precision Balancing allows the table to be a lockout in full inversion, so you can exercise on it. Weight capacity of Teeter EP Ltd. The recommended user height is defined in the range from 4'8" to 6'6".

It enhances the user experience as well as the benefits gotten from using an inversion table. We evaluated the Teeter EP Ltd. We ranked this product to the fourth position because of the high price. Exerpeutic has done well in providing the inversion table that the society needs.

Pretty decent capabilities right there, so we can first put this on our list of considerations. Now, to the specific features of this inversion table. The inversion table feels sturdy enough. From the backrest, we can feel the foam is soft enough to give enough comfort to whoever is lying on it while still supporting the spine. Although, memory foam would have done much better in doing this and ensuring that we are still lying on the table on full inversion.

It is still decent, though. The ankle lock is not the best, but it is secure. The pin security system can also be found on several other types of an inversion table. But this one requires you to bend over your body to lock, which can be hard and even impossible for people with chronic lower back pain.

You may need to have someone else help you do this. Wearing socks and sports shoes can help reduce the ankle discomfort if you feel any. The handles are exceptionally long. This helps beginners a lot. There is no need to fear the risk of being inverted and unable to get up. The long handles will help you get back up as it is reachable even at full inversion. The tether strap will also keep the table inverted as long as you allow but be sure that you locked the strap tightly.

The Innova company makes great products and this is just another one of them. However, price-wise, it cannot beat the latter. But ITM comes with its own strength despite the cost. Like the ITX model, we want to emphasize on the safety pin system that Innova used that also has protective gear that is waiting for a patent grant.

This safety pin system works like tether strap; they limit the distance of your rotation. Weight capacity at lbs and height range from 4'10" to 6'6" like most that have been mentioned so far. It has adjustable headrest pad for better comfort, too. The ankle lock system is also similar to the pin-lock system but has better comfort as it does not use rollers, but chain-like holders.

All these to create a sense of True Balance for better control of your rotation on the table. However, we cannot say that the backrest width has been made as to how they would expect lbs to look like. It would actually be hard to try to fit into the table if you are lbs. Now, the best thing about this table with increased price from the Innova ITX is the therapeutic heat massager.

There is an adjustable lumbar in the middle of the table that you get when you buy the table. It is able to vibrate and distributes heat to your lower back.

As you may have guessed, this helps your back to relax and works as if someone massages you slowly while you are inverted. Another entrée from Innova, the ITX This guy deserves a place in our top 10 best inversion tables. The 5-options of inversion uses a pin-lock system that they deem to be safer compared to tether strap in other tables.

A feature that we personally like with this brand. The backrest is made of memory foam, and provides a type of comfort that is not found in many. Memory foam, as mentioned before, may enhance your back pain relief. We are also glad to see that the total adjustable features are still here, such as the height, headrest, inversion and the lumbar. The ankle lock is ergonomic and comfortable like how Innova's inversion tables usually are.

The table also has nice, long handles to hold on to if you are a beginner with inversion therapy. All in all, we are impressed with how Innova manages to come up with minor changes and improvements to every inversion table. They do this while still going under the affordable budget , making them one of the most reliable and reachable back pain relief solution. Merax thinks that a roll-shape lumbar is outdated and simply does not provide enough benefits to users. That is why they came up with a vertical vibrator and heat massager.

The first thing we would like to say is that this brand went with a daring red color instead of the usual blue color that is commonly associated with reduced pain and tension. Red is often associated with increased heartbeat, excitement, and energy, while it can be a pretty subtle suggestion and may or may not affect you.

Next unique thing about this guy is the removable back support. Similar to the Innova ITM , it vibrates and emits heat to massage your back, but in a vertical position. The company calls it an 'ultra-thin' back support, but we do not exactly see this to be ultra-thin.

We would expect a lumbar pad to have a certain thickness, but we expected a horizontal one to be thinner than this 'ultra-thin' thickness. It handles lbs, but only allows the maximum height of 6'3", 3" shorter than the others here.

It has got long handles and we are glad to see the table designed in a slightly wider shape for better accommodation. The ankle still uses the padded roller method, which might hurt after a few retentions on this guy, so make sure you are using socks and a good pair of sports shoes.

Another thing we would like to point out is how the pivot arm allows you to be balanced in the middle and oscillate or invert according to your arm's movement.

This is possible if you adjust the height and the hinge when you assemble to fit your needs. While we are sometimes met with some inversion tables that do not actually allow you to get fully inverted, the Ironman Gravity allows full inversion. The frame is also constructed of durable steel frame and has non-skid stabilizers. The last thing you want is getting flung or flipped from your table! You might see the minority enjoying padded rollers style, but those are the ones that often bring discomfort.

Handles are long for beginners to safely get up from the table and the backrest is designed to be wide enough to handle people of different shapes. However, the lightness of the inversion table, which is a good thing if space is a problem for you, seems like it won't hold people of lbs for good.

The ankle lock system uses a pin. Since the pin is pretty short, that means you have to bend. As we have mentioned with the ones that require you to bend, those with chronic lower back pain will find this difficult to do. As for the inversion angle lock system, it still uses the tether strap methods. Its high capability is also coupled with wide comfortable backrest. Although, the headrest cannot be adjusted. This may have ranked the last here, but it is surely not because it is an awful product.

This guy has padded rollers for the ankle lock, but it has 8-adjustable positions for better comfort. And from our personal opinions, this does give better comfort for padded rollers system. The table still uses tether strap to limit the distance of the table's rotation for your safety.

The steel frame is 1" So far, the anti-skid stabilizers have been good and we do not feel any movements of the table from inverting on this.

The sides are covered to protect you from scratching yourself against one of the parts from your sides. The scratch issue might seem like a small thing, but it surely gives you a better sense of safety. Extra-long handles also make it easier to return back to the upright position. It is not a bad catch, given the price and the value. You still get a good performing inversion table with small improvements in the handle and ankle lock system. The lumbar that comes with it is also a small bonus, so this is still a good choice to make.

Based on the features and the merits of the products reviewed above, we will be recommending the Teeter EP with Back Pain Relief Kit for maximum relaxation for your backbones. It is the best with so many added accessories, such as Acupressure Nodes and a Lumbar Bridge that maximizes those 5 minutes you spend down there. But, if the price is not a problem for you, Teeter EP Ltd.

It can still use Acupressure Nodes and Lumbar Bridge and is constructed for better comfort and ease of usage. Definitely the best in our opinion. However, when the budget is your main concern, Innova ITX will easily fit your pocket. For the price offered, it has got all the great quality features from Innova products. The safety pin makes it easy to change your inversion limit without stepping out from the table.

Ironman Gravity is also another affordable inversion table that allows users that weigh up to lbs undergo inversion therapy. After you got your first inversion table, do not forget to check out more from other articles on our website on how to maximize the benefits from your inversion table! Repeated research shows that when your body is in an inverted position, a gap appears between your discs.

When that happens, absorption of soft tissues into the discs occurs. By extension, this action increases the nutrients in the disc which then leads to better flexibility. In essence, inversion enables your discs to take in moisture and nutrients lost with time.

An inversion table helps reduce the intensity of this loss by working against the process and stretching the spine. A look at most inversion table reviews shows that individuals experience better flow after a couple of uses.

And, there is scientific evidence to back this up. You see, the blood flows through the body in one direction — against gravity. Thus, an inversion table boosts the process because it lets you hang upside down. A senior medical editor at Spine Universe notes that stretching upside down stimulates the lymphatic system to augment the flow of body fluid and get rid of waste.

This is perhaps one of the most popular inversion table benefits. In fact, it is the primary reason most people purchase these tables. Your joints are at a constant risk of stress, especially after a session of high impact workout. The Natural Arthritis Relief website notes that hanging your body upside down helps elongate and stretch muscles, which may reduce pain. The Healthy Back Institute site, on the other hand, asserts that inversion may also correct minor misalignment brought about by one-sided activities like golf or tennis.

It does so by;. When you hang your body upside down, your diagram becomes stronger. As this occurs, you require less effort to breathe. It also encourages you to take deeper breaths which mean that more air will reach the lower part of your lungs. The bottom of your lungs then becomes more pristine by collecting more oxygen than the upper parts. The overall effect is that your body parts get more oxygen including vital organs such as the brain.

Not only does bad posture cause neck and back pain but also severely compresses the spine out of alignment. The adjacent muscles also become stressed which in turn leads to severe compression of the vertebrae. While there are exercises to help improve posture, inversion therapy does it better. Thus, owning an inversion table helps you deal with problems caused by poor posture following years of slouching.

While you may not know it, it is the ligaments that hold you together. Hanging your body upside down helps increase the collagen in your ligaments, making them healthy in the process. Research shows that inverting your body helps you fall asleep faster. Even though how inversion therapy works to improve the quality of sleep is unclear, one study attributes it to the ability to lower stress levels.

Because hanging your body upside down makes your muscles more relaxed, it is easier to fall asleep. Plus, increased circulation of oxygenated blood and a working lymphatic system eliminate toxins that may hinder your ability to fall asleep. Well-known celebrities are on record saying that inversion therapy helps them to manage depression. One study carried out at the University of California found out that inversion poses lower depression in adults aged between 18 and None of the subjects in this study had previous psychiatric treatment.

When your body is inverted, cortisol levels drop, thereby improving your moods. It is also said that endorphins in your circulation system increase as well. The question then becomes, can it help you deal with back pain?

Right, you may have read the reviews that it works, but is it proven? Is there a scientific, perhaps medical explanation to this? Well, the simple answer to this question is YES, inversion tables do help deal back pain.

Understanding Inversion Therapy — When you lie on an inversion table, your body hangs partially or completely upside down, an action that promotes traction on the spine. During the times of Hippocrates regarded as the father of medicine , people used to hang upside down on a ladder to treat ailments such as back and neck pain.

Inversion therapy is therefore nothing new. However, unlike in the era of Hippocrates, nowadays people use inversion tables at the comfort of their homes.

Understanding the Spine Mechanism — Your spine consists of separate bones known as vertebrae. There are discs between each vertebra filled with fluid and nerves. The discs act as cushions to prevent the vertebrae from coming into contact with each other. With time, gravity, poor posture and exercise cause the spine to curve unnaturally, subjecting the discs to pressure which in turn caused pain. Inversion tables work by reversing the direction in which the gravity pulls your body.

It stretches your spine in the opposite direction thereby relieving pain. The Accordion Effect — Fluid can also accumulate in the discs, leading to inflammation and discomfort. This rocking motion has an accordion effect on the spine, helping suck the accumulated fluid from the disc, thus taking pressure off the spine.

Most inversion table reviews you will come across talk about treated spine problems. The therapy can also help treat other conditions such as;. Contraindications — While an inversion table will help you deal with back pain, there are some contraindications. When your body hangs upside down, the increased blood flow in the head may lead to more pressure in the eyes and the head. You should, therefore, not use an inversion table if you have glaucoma, have high blood pressure or suffer from retinal detachment.

In other words, if used correctly, inversion tables do indeed help treat back pain. In fact, some people attest to have completely healed of their back pain problems due to the use of inversion tables. It is, therefore, important that you choose a unit whose design is in line with your needs. To get value for your money, ask yourself? For starters, inversion therapy tables are in the category of weight machines, despite the fact that they have no weights. At the very least, it should enable you to start at shallow angles as you work your way to 60 or 90 degrees.

The frame ought to have a static for an exercise room. Check the minimum and maximum heights. The stability is of particular importance if you have a large body or if you intend to exercise while inverted.

You will be more comfortable if you choose a table that has thick pads as opposed to thin ones. Nonetheless, overly stuffed pads are not necessarily better. Give emphasis to the quality of padding, rather than the quantity. Some models come with a pad that has a notch that the top to allow you to rest face down or face up. Others have detachable pads to create more room for exercising.

You may also opt for a unit with a honeycomb or a molded meshing with little or no padding. Yes, the brand name matters when it comes to buying an inversion table. You are better off with a brand that is trusted by the market. You need to review their customer service too. You need to be sure that the manufacturer will handle your claims speedily and replace the unit without any fuss. Later, we will talk about the popular inversion table brands. One of the easiest ways to know if a particular model is worth your money is reading its reviews.

Are customers satisfied with what the unit has to offer? Obviously, if most of the inversion table reviews are positive, then it is likely that it is a worthwhile investment.

Needless to say, inversion tables with rave reviews and high ratings make the best buys. This may be the determining factor about which inversion table you end up buying. While there is nothing wrong in spending lots of money, you should go for what meets your needs rather than looking at how much it costs. In fact, you should be more concerned about the features. Remember when we talked about the ease of storage as a consideration to make when buying an inversion table? Well, storage and portability go hand in hand.

You will certainly have problems storing your table if it is too bulky. If you are using it in your home gym, this should not be such an important deliberation, though. Just remember to check if the unit you want to buy supports add-ons. Some latest models feature infrared heating technology to ease the pain even further. So you need to have the right balance of food and nutrition. But you have to ensure that the calories come from the right sources.

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