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White Gazpacho

Hello Family, I just wanted to share my wonderfully blessed news. Are you tired of all those bowl-in-hand pictures? I would also recommend taking omega 3 DHA algae supplements, and not being overly shy about adding iodized salt to your food. It was super yummmi. Welcome to my kitchen! I am home alone again. Almond flour would not have worked, because the texture was perfect.

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Otherwise it does look quite delicious. Wow this is certainly a unique combination of flavours- sounds yummy. I try to eat my fruit alone so I might try some jicama in place of the grapes and sweeten with stevia or a little agave. Sounds so good I think I need to hit the market! I always love the shots holding the bowl. I simply adore gazpacho but have never tried a white variation.

I can just imagine the flavor from the almonds and how refreshing it all must be. Nämen nu har jag suttit i över en timma och slukat er vackra och inspirerande blogg. Den hamnar direkt bland favoriterna. I love the almonds. I like putting nuts in my meals too. I like macadamia nuts for chicken and brazil notes on salad. This recipe looks very delish. Love that white pepper and your response to Kalinda- haha. I wish I could find one in the US, but I would love to try this just the same!

This recipe sounds amazing. I love the use of grapes. I just went to SF Chefs over the weekend where there were multiple white gazpachos.

We read about the SF Chefs on another blog, it sounded like a great event! I, too, thought it would be difficult to find a white pepper here. But, just a couple of days after I saw this recipe, I found a bunch at my local market. So, I made the soup for lunch today and it was the perfect antidote to a 95 degree day. This soup is, quite simply, amazing. Hej Marie, ja visst är den fin! Jag har en allergifamilj… nötter, mandel, jordnötter, mjölk och sojaprodukter är no-no om alla ska kunna äta.

Hej Maria, mandeln tillför fyllighet och smak. I love all your recipes and since I follow you, me and all my flatmates have really improved our diet! I just have a question for you: Do you have any suggestion? Thanks for your blog, the beautiful pics, yummy recipes and funny stories!

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