5 Best Carbs for Athletes

Back to the basics advice from the top sports nutritionists on the block.

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It will make you bigger too! The Cutting-Edge Runner will show you how to get the most out of running-related science and technology without spoiling the simplicity of running. Join the waiting list. Cutting-edge research has proven that triathletes and other endurance athletes experience their greatest performance when they do 80 percent of their training at low intensity and the remaining 20 percent at moderate to high intensity. Here's what to eat before a 10K for your best performance.

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Going a little wild on your rice gives you an edge over the commonly hyped brown rice. Wild rice has the added bang for your calorie buck by providing 6g of protein and double the amount of fiber 3g for 35 less calories than brown rice per 1 cup serving. Look for this banner for recommended activities. Join Active or Sign In. Learn More Customer Login.

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All MNU Tutors are qualified to a minimum of MSc standard, consisting of registered dietitians, clinical nutritionists and performance nutritionists with thousands of hours of combined practitioner hours working in a wide variety of settings. Our tutors are available throughout the course to help you every step of the way! His academic interest in nutrition originated from his own engagement in sport and his desire to understand strategies to maximise performance and methods of improving body composition.

Billy previously worked as a nutritionist at a private consultancy, where he worked with a variety of individuals including athletes and general population clients to help them achieve their performance, health and weight loss goals. Amy is passionate about nutrition for weight loss and sports performance, which all started from being involved in competitive sports such as athletics and swimming. Previously, Amy worked with adults and adolescents on weight loss strategies in behaviour change and nutrition as well as with athletes providing nutritional advice for their sport.

Her main desire is to help people reach their potential and become a happier, healthier person! Rebecca is a high performance dietitian with expertise in both clinical and sports nutrition advice. With a Masters in sports nutrition, she has previously worked as a performance nutritionist at the high performance Sport Scotland Institute.

As a consultant dietitian she has been able to give some fascinating insights into the extensive work she has done in the fields of diabetes and bariatrics.

Spencer is a licensed practicing board certified family and bariatric weight loss medicine physician, also studying to be board certified in Lipidology. Spencer enrolled in medical school at Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine with aspirations to change the world of medicine by pushing lifestyle before drugs when possible. With his success as a wrestler in the Heavy Weight division and becoming ranked in the top 4 of the nation, his goal is to use what he learned as an athlete and apply it to his patients to help them get as healthy as possible using lifestyle as medicine.

If you are a serious athlete, this online workshop offers the information you need to achieve a personal best. Nancy has created a full spectrum of sports nutrition teaching resources. No need to re-invent the wheel! She has outstanding Power Point presentations that make giving talks fun for yourself and the audience. She offers four complete presentations: If you have considered writing a sports nutrition column for a newsletter or your own clients but never seem to find the time to do so, Nancy has a solution for you.

Every month, you can receive a fresh, new article — all the research, and writing is done for you. If your clients are asking you for information on exercise-related nutrition topics, Nancy's handouts are ready and waiting.

She has 16 copier-ready handouts, each on a different sports nutrition topic, available individually or as set. If you are a registered dietitian, coach, personal trainer or athletic trainer, check out Nancy's online workshop on nutrition for exercise; you can earn 10 hours of CEUs. If you'd prefer to hear Nancy speak in person, consider inviting her to be a keynote speaker at your meeting or conference.

Complete alongside full-time work, from the comfort of your own home!